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Unleash your infinity power to rescue lost souls in the emotional sickness war.

Welcome to Love Soldiers Academy.

There is no bigger army for humanity than the Love Soldiers – people living a life of significance armed with the ability to win the Emotional Sickness War. The urgency is indisputable. With the rise of crime, suicide, drug use, opioid addictions, homelessness, many people are feeling defeated. You could help!

Love Soldiers Academy is for those looking for transformation within themselves to be able to serve and make a difference in the lives of others. Love Soldiers are constantly evolving beings committed to sharing love with the world, having a sustainable balance of body, mind, soul and heart.


Join us to make a difference!

Love Soldiers Academy comes from the work done by Love Soldiers Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to igniting acts of kindness. This is done by creating strategic alliances with other non-profits, groups, and community organizations to bring resources to underprivileged communities around the United States and the world.

Send us your 2020 Census Confirmation for the chance to win $10,000